JUNE 12, 2014

7:00 P.M.




A.   Invocation

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call


B.   Approval of the Regular May 8 and Continued May 20, 2014

meeting minutes


C.   Citizen Time

-      Michelle Hartzog and Mike Carter – Older American Day Celebration

-      Recognition of Chilhowie High School State Champions


D.   Public Hearing

-Proposed 2014-2015 Budget

  Includes:  5% water and sewer rate increase

                    2% Meals Tax rate increase





1.    Public Works

-      Update on status of Water/Sewer Capital Projects – No projects ongoing

-      Burn Building – Complete

TOWN MANAGER’S NOTE: Recommend this item be removed from the agenda.

-      Farmer’s Market – No actionable items

-      Grubmore Road Water Extension – No actionable items

-      Loman’s Store

-      Bonham House Railing

TOWN MANAGER’S NOTE: Contractor inspecting roofs on the different levels to determine adequacy to install railing.



-      Smyth County Tourism Association Liability Agreement

-      TOWN MANAGER’S NOTE: Letter and agreement hand-delivered to the Director of the Tourism Association. Director states request given to Chairman of the Board Mayor Helms. Additional follow-up has been sent to Director on June 5th.


2.   Finance & Personnel

-      Presentation of the 2011-2012 audit – Jim Fern of

Hickok, Fern, Brown and Gargia

-      Back Pack Program (Continues from April 2014 meeting)

-      VRS Employer Retirement Contribution Rate Resolution


3.   Wellness & Parks

-      Master Plan Template – Town Attorney


4.   Old High School

-      Update from OHS committee meeting – OHS Renovation


5.   Fire & Police

-      Consideration of proposed changes to Town Code relating

     to Fire Department


F.    Any Other Council Business

-      Proposed Resolution to recognize June 2014 as

Business Appreciation Month

-      Appointment to Mount Rogers Planning District Commission


G.           Adjournment